Cardo Rider Bluetooth Helmet Headsets

The leaders of in-helmet Bluetooth & Dynamic Mesh communication and audio systems.

From humble beginnings, in 2003 the Cardo Bluetooth headsets have changed the way riders communicate and interact with their smart devices. 

With the ability to connect up to fifteen riders (*PackTalk Edge) communication within groups has never been easier. JBL brings to the table next-level audio – engineered to deliver the best quality possible within such a challenging environment. 

Cardo has developed headsets for all types of riders – be it the solo commuter looking for better integration with their music and GPS navigation – or the serious pack rider needing to keep in touch with the group. Whatever your need the Cardo range has it covered. 

PackTalk EDGE

PackTalk Slim

FreeCom 4X

FreeCom 2X

Spirit HD

Connection Technologies
Natural Voice Operation --
Sound by JBL
Mobile App
Group Conference 2-15 Riders2-15 Riders2-4 Riders2 Riders2 Riders
Unit-to-Unit Range 1.6km1.6km1.6km800m600m
Overall Range8km6km3.6km800m600m
Built in FM Radio
Audio Sharing
Automatic Volume
Bluetooth version5.
Speakers40mm HD JBL40mm HD JBL40mm HD JBL40mm HD JBL40mm HD
MicrophoneHybrid & CordedHybrid & CordedHybrid & CordedHybrid & CordedHybrid & Corded
Battery Life 13Hrs13Hrs13Hrs13Hrs13Hrs
Over the Air Update-
Warranty3 Years2 Years2 Years2 Years2 Years





Which Cardo is right for you?

Solo Rider

Looking to integrate your GPS audio and Music only. The Spirit HD is a great starting point - has all the essential features - Pair with your Phone and GPS.

  • 2 Channel Bluetooth
  • HD Audio
  • Radio
  • Make and recieve calls
  • Music 
  • App connectivity

If you would like more creature comforts we recommend the Freecom4x - with Voice activation and JBL Speakers for full sound.  

Rider & Pillion

For a Rider and Pillion only setup - these units are pre-paired in the factory. 

Spirit HD Duo
Freecom2X Duo with JBL Speakers

Rider & Small Group

For Rider / Pillion & small Group (Up to 4 Riders)

The Freecom4X is suited for small groups of riders. With a range of 1.2km it can connect with up to 4 other Cardo Units.
The Freecom4X is packed with features.

  • Voice Control
  • Live intercom
  • Quick Charge
  • Radio
  • JBL Speakers 
  • Updates over Air 
Larger Groups up to 15 Riders

The PackTalk Edge is the leading unit. With a dedicated Dynamic Mesh Connection - it can connect up to 15 Cardo units and leap frog the signal to extend range. The Freecom2x & 4X can latch onto this feature using the bridge connection - this brings those using only bluetooth into the conversation.

What happens if my friends use other brands?

All Brands of Bluetooth Headset only allow one universal Bluetooth connection between units. This doesn't limit them from the group, the Cardo unit will include the bluetooth connection in the DMC and Cardo Bluetooth connections. While the pairing process is different it is possible to connect multiple units into a single group. 

Backwards Compatible

The new Cardo units are compatible with the older units. Your connection range is limited to the lesser of the units.