Alpine Hearing Protection
Hearing Protection for every situation

Alpine Hearing Protection

As motorcyclists we take every care to ensure we minimise our risk by wearing protective gear all the time. We have become accustomed to adorning  - helmet, boots, gloves, jackets and pants when we jump on our bikes. No matter how good your helmet is the wind noise from riding motorcycle will  damage your hearing with irreversible effects.

Alpine MotoSafe earplugs are designed to reduce the harmful noise but still allow you to hear traffic around you and your communication unit.  Protecting your hearing and making your ride more pleasurable.  Hearing Aids are expensive, quality ear plugs arent. 

Alpine MotoSafe Ear Plugs

MotoSafe Pro

  • No wind noise discomfort at any ride and speed
  • Soft filter, comfortable, prevents fatigue
  • Features 2 levels of dampening: 17 & 20 dB

MotoSafe Pro Hearing Protection

The best of both worlds R745.00

MotoSafe Race

  • Ideal for wind noise at high speeds
  • Soft filter, comfortable, prevents fatigue
  • High dampening for use at speeds over 62 mph

MotoSafe Race Hearing Protection

Track and highways R395.00

MotoSafe Tour

  • Prevents hearing damage from wind noise
  • Reduces damaging noises (SNR 17 dB)
  • Ideal for tours and holidays

MotoSafe Touring Hearing protection

Long distance R395.00