F61 Performance Products

 F61 Performance offers a range of Motorcycle maintenance and care products for all types of motorcycles. With 40 years of experience, F61 Performance has exceptional products that are specifically designed for our conditions and tested on international race circuits. 


Chain Maintenance

F61 Chain Lubricant

Wet Chain Lubricant O Ring and X Ring Friendly
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F61 Chain Cleaner + Lube Combo

100ml Combo chain cleaner & Chain Lubrication pack is ideal for packing on the bike for chain maintenance while on
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F61 Chain Cleaner and Chain Wax Combo

100ml Chain Wax 100ml Chain Cleaner
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F61 Chain Wax

Wax based chain lubricant chains. Excellent high speed lubrication, extends chain life & lubrication intervals. Maintains lubricity under a wide
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Degreasers & Cleaning Range

F61 Lens Cleaner

Cleans without scratching Prevents misting Disperses rain
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Bike Maintenance Products

Rider Products

F61 Leather & Fabric Sealant

Water and Grim repellent spray
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