Storage & Security

Aquatex Motorcycle Cover with Top Box

Light-weight Top-box Compatible R665.00R895.00

Aquatex Motorcycle Cover

Light-weight waterproof R575.00R795.00

Rainex Motorcycle With TopBox Cover

Deluxe Midrange Cover R1,595.00R2,495.00

Oxford Screamer Alarmed Disc Lock

7mm Pin R1,395.00

HD Chain Lock 1.5mtr Orange


Desert Fox Collapsable Fuel Bladder

3LT / 6LT / 20LT R695.00R795.00

Stormex Motorcycle Cover

Heavy Duty outdoor use R1,695.00R2,195.00

Rainex Motorcycle Cover

Deluxe Outdoor Rain/Dust Cover R1,275.00R1,795.00

WonderBar harness


Protex Stretch Motorcycle Cover

Premium Indoor - Black R1,058.00R1,750.00

Aquatex ATV Cover

Light-weight Waterproof R752.00R1,087.00

Protex Stretch Red Motorcycle Cover

Premium Indoor - R1,650.00R1,750.00