Motorcycle Covers

Aquatex Motorcycle Cover with Top Box

Light-weight Top-box Compatible R665.00R895.00

Aquatex Motorcycle Cover

Light-weight waterproof R575.00R795.00

Rainex Motorcycle With TopBox Cover

Deluxe Midrange Cover R1,595.00R2,495.00

Stormex Motorcycle Cover

Heavy Duty outdoor use R1,695.00R2,195.00

Rainex Motorcycle Cover

Deluxe Outdoor Rain/Dust Cover R1,275.00R1,795.00

Protex Stretch Motorcycle Cover

Premium Indoor - Black R1,058.00R1,750.00

Aquatex Fluorescent Cover

High Vis Waterproof Cover R645.00R795.00

Aquatex ATV Cover

Light-weight Waterproof R752.00R1,087.00

Protex Stretch Red Motorcycle Cover

Premium Indoor - R1,650.00R1,750.00

Protex Stretch Indoor Motorcycle Cover – Blue


Oxford Dormex Indoor Cover