Phone Mounts & Chargers

GloveTact – Touchscreen Contacts

Fits all Gloves R249.00

Desert Fox EzArm Cell phone Holder


Oxford CLIQR Phone Mount OX851

Universal Mount Fits 31.8mm & 25.4mm bar R425.00

Optimate Dual USB Charger O105

Weatherproof Hella Adapter R435.00

Oxford CLIQR Phone Mount OX850

22mm Handle Bar Clamp R375.00

Maximiser/Oximiser-Fused Ring Lead


Adapter- Oximiser to USA style/SAE connector


Oxford CLIQR Headstock Mount OX852

Phone mount system R425.00

Oxford CLIQR Extended Phone Mount OX841

Fits 31.8mm & 25.4mm stem / bar R395.00

12V STD Accessory Plug Socket EL101

Standard Cigarette charger with fuse R695.00

Givi Smart Phone Holder S957B

Medium sized cover R1,295.00

Givi GPS /Smart Phone Holder S954B

Garmin Zumo, TomTom Rider, iPhone 8Plus R1,295.00