Puig America II 0319W

Replacement windscreen

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Custom large windscreen fits most cruisers

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he America II windshield from Puig is an evolution of the first American windshield version form Puig. Designed under the same line of Puig Custom windshields, it is made of high-impact acrylic, material highly resistant to impacts and with great aerodynamic capacity. Thanks to the careful design and the strength of the materials used, this second version of the America windshield will be even stronger when facing inclement weather and will help keep you warm when the weather is not.

The America II windshield model is universal and available for the vast majority of Custom bikes with round headlights. The installation to the motorcycle will be perfect, since it contains 4 attachment points and comes with an assembly kit. In case your motorcycle model requires it, Puig also offers a hardware kit to adapt the windshield to those more specific references.

To improve assembly and to be able to quickly attach the piece to the motorcycle, Puig provides its classic instruction booklet.

The piece is certified by the German TÜV and has ABE approval certificate 38007.