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Incl JBL Speakers and Software Equaliser


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The world’s most advanced motorcycle communication system packed in the slimmest super-sport 6.5mm-thin package

Features: Natural Voice Operation, Dynamic Mesh and waterproof technologies, Sound by JBL, Universal connectivity

The Slim fits most helmets – check the list here for the helmets tested by Cardo

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PackTalk Slim boasts the world’s most advanced motorcycle communication system, packed in the slimmest, super-sport 6.5mm thin package

Powered by DMC

  • Set your intercom group once and forget about it
  • Dymanic Mesh technology will make sure you are always connected

Natural Voice Operation

  • All new, always on natural voice operation
  • No need to press a button again
  • Voice activation for instructions on what you want PackTalk Slim to do

Sound by JBL

  • Powerful speakers, engineered to perfection by JBL experts
  • Specially tuned music processor with 3 distinctive audio profiles

Universal connectivity

  • Connects to any other Bluetooth headset of any brand


  • No matter what you throw at it, the PackTalk Slim will take the water beating and keep you connected

Slimmest Communicator

  • Only 6.5mm top-to-bottom
  • Aerodynamic
  • Best looking high-end communicator on the market

Fully Featured – no cutting corners on quality

  • Automatic volume control, mobile conferencing, music and radio sharing, music streaming
  • Charge while riding
  • GPS integration
  • 2-way intercom, connectivity with 2 mobile devices, hybrid and corded mic
  • Cardo Connect app (Android and iOS)


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