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Puig Tail Tidy allows you to replace your OEM registration plate.

  • Replaces the OEM license plate
  • Space for indicators, adjustable up to 3cm
  • Light-weight

Replace the original license plate holder of your motorcycle with the Puig license plate holder. Its elevated location gives a racing character to your motorcycle. The set combines pieces of steel finished in epoxy paint with pieces in polyamide, achieving an important reduction of weight with respect to the original support.

Some of the supports have the option of being fixed or adjustable according to the reference that adheres to each motorcycle.

The support comes with space for the indicators, remember that it is not suitable for the originals, and is adjustable up to 3 cm. Note that the support is not served with indicators, they must be purchased separately. Another point to keep in mind is that connectors are not used to connect the license plate light. This is suitable for models from 2016-2020

The assembly of the piece is very simple and comes with instructions.

The Puig label holder has the German ABE 91505 approval and the German TÜV certificate.





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