Tubeless Puncture Pilot


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Mushroom Plug Tire repair Kit
Mini Compressor V12

Ideally all tubeless tires should be repaired from the inside – out. Not all motorcycle, scooter, and ATV dealers will repair damaged tires. So, if you want to be self-sufficient on the road or in the wilderness, you need the Stop & Go Tubeless Puncture Pilot with Mini Compressor. This kit allows you to make an on the wheel repair to your tubeless tire and re-inflate it on the spot. It includes the award winning Pocket Tire Plugger with its 15 mushroom shaped rubber plugs and the very compact Mini-Air Compressor. This all fits into a durable zippered canvas case that measures approximately 18cm x 10cm x 8cm and weighs less than a kilogram. The mushroom plugs measure 8mm in diameter and have a shaft length of 19mm.

Additional Features:

  • The 12v mini compressor unit has a built in Gauge & LED Light;
  • The 1.5m power cord fits the battery tender connectors;
  • The kit includes a 30cm extension with alligator clips & a 90cm lighter adapter extenstion;
  • Also included is a 10cm tire valve hose with a sports needle & inflatable adapter;





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