Oxford Horizon Bar End Mirror LEFT OX537


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A premium Bar End Mirror machined from billet aluminium. Easily adjustable and featuring anti-glare convex glass this mirror is designed to fit 22mm / 7/8″ handlebars.

Key Features
• Can be fitted above or below handlebar
• Suitable for all motorcycle types
• Machined from billet aluminium
• Anti-glare convex glass
• 12 – 18mm expansion bushes
• Easily adjustable
• Universal fitting
• Optional spacer included

Elevate your motorcycle’s style and functionality with the Oxford Horizon Bar End Mirror LEFT. This exceptional mirror is expertly crafted from billet aluminium, ensuring durability and a premium aesthetic. Its anti-glare convex glass guarantees impeccable visibility, allowing you to confidently navigate the road behind you. The mirror can be effortlessly mounted either above or below the handlebar, providing flexibility to suit your preferences. With its universal fitting and included optional spacer, it seamlessly adapts to various motorcycle types.

Designed with adventure in mind, the Oxford Horizon Bar End Mirror LEFT is the perfect accessory for every rider. Its robust construction from billet aluminium ensures long-lasting performance, while the anti-glare convex glass minimizes distractions and enhances safety. The mirror’s 12 – 18mm expansion bushes offer a secure and customizable fit. Whether you’re cruising on a sportbike or touring on a cruiser, this mirror delivers unmatched versatility and style.





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