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Upgrade your riding comfort with the Oxford COOL SEAT Street & Sport. This ventilated motorcycle seat cover allows air to flow, keeping you cool and comfortable on your adventures. Easy to install and made with durable materials. Say goodbye to sweaty rides!

Key  Features:

  • Cool Seat cover improves riding comfort by allowing air to flow between the rider and the seat.
  • Air mesh fabric controls moisture and heat for a fresh and comfortable experience.
  • Made from 100% polyester and machine washable for durability and easy maintenance.

The Oxford COOL SEAT Street & Sport is the ultimate solution for motorcycle riders seeking a comfortable and cool seating experience. With its narrow design that perfectly matches street, sport-touring, and dual-sport motorcycles, this ventilated seat cover is a must-have accessory for your rides.

Featuring an air mesh fabric that effectively controls moisture and heat, the Cool Seat allows air to circulate between you and your seat, preventing discomfort caused by excessive sweating and heat build-up. It’s incredibly easy to install with elasticated hook and loop bands, and the fully adjustable straps ensure a universal fit on various motorcycle seat sizes. With its non-slip rubber backing, the Cool Seat stays securely in place, providing stability and enhancing safety during your adventures.

Crafted from high-quality 100% polyester, this machine-washable cover is both durable and convenient to maintain. Its compact size ensures a snug fit on your motorcycle seat, while its lightweight and breathable construction guarantee optimal comfort. Stay cool, dry, and comfortable on your motorcycle rides with the Oxford COOL SEAT Street & Sport.

Size: 310mm (L) x 340mm (W) x 10mm (H)





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