Oxford DarkChaser – Sequential Indicators incl. 2 resistors EL364


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Upgrade your bike’s style and visibility with the Oxford DarkChaser – Sequential Indicators. These state-of-the-art indicators feature a tough, matt black case with a dark smoked lens, giving your bike a sleek and adventurous look. When activated, the indicators come to life with a dynamic sweeping motion that starts from the inside and moves outwards across the indicator strip. This sequential ‘streaming’ action not only catches attention but also provides clear signaling, enhancing safety on the road.

Designed with versatility in mind, these indicators offer a universal fit, allowing you to easily install them on the front or rear of any bike. Their waterproof design ensures durability, making them suitable for use in various weather conditions. Whether you’re cruising down city streets or exploring off-road trails, the Oxford DarkChaser indicators will keep you visible and add a touch of excitement to your ride.

Included in the package are a right and left indicator, suitable for front or rear use, and 2 resistors to regulate the flash rate for optimal performance. With their E-Marked certification for road use, you can ride with confidence, knowing that these indicators meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Size: 96mm (L) x 19mm (W) x 20mm (D)





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