Mini Camping Gas Stove


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7cm wide  x 10 cm high

Uses any EN417 gas cartridge

An easy-to-assemble mini camping stove.

The Trail Classic GS 2100 is a lightweight, extremely compact gas cooker that utilises a powerful precision flame control burner.

Ideal for carrying in a backpack or on a motorcycle.

Designed to take the minimum amount of space. When not in use the gas cartridge can be removed and the stainless steel pan supports fold in.

The pan supports are also stainless steel, with serrated edges for extra cooking stability.

Thanks to an oversized cartridge locking ring it easily attaches to any EN417 gas cartridge.

These gas cartridges are freely available, regardless of where in the world your travels may take you.

The benefit of such a gas cartridge is that it can be unscrewed, without fear, and used over & over.

This is a huge advantage over cookers that use pierce type cartridges. In such instances, once such a cartridge is installed it cannot be removed & must be consumed before being able to break the stove down.

Benefits of this lightweight stove:

  • Very easy to set up & breakdown in under a minute.
  • Made of high quality aluminum and stainless steel, making it  corrosion resistant.
  • Cartridge type: threaded
  • Gas consumption: 150 g
  • Cooking time for 1 liter of water: +-3 min & 30 sec
  • Weight 145g
  • At 7cm wide  x 10 cm high it easily fits into the bottom of top boxes, panniers, roll bags and hiking packs.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Suitable for camping, biking, fishing and virtually any outdoor activity.
  • Supplied with a durable compact carry case
  • Includes in the base of the carry case is a complete extra spare service kit (gasket, nozzle replacement wrench, nozzle, spring)
  • CE approved

Colour: Gun Metal Grey

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