Midland BTX2 Pro S LR Intercom



Elevate your motorcycle adventures with the Midland BTX2 Pro S LR Headset. Stay connected, enjoy crystal-clear audio, and communicate effortlessly with up to 8 riders. Experience the freedom of the open road with this cutting-edge Bluetooth Headset.

Key Features:

  • Full Duplex mode for simultaneous talking and listening
  • Bluetooth 4.2 dual chipset technology for reliable connectivity
  • Compatibility with other intercom brands and multiple smartphones for added flexibility

Experience the ultimate in communication and connectivity with the Midland BTX2 Pro S LR Intercom. Designed for motorcyclists, this intercom sets a new standard with its Bluetooth 4.2 dual chipset technology. Connect with up to 8 people in Conference mode or engage in one-on-one conversations with up to 6 riders in One-to-One mode. With Full Duplex mode, you can talk and listen simultaneously, ensuring seamless communication on every ride.

The BTX2 Pro S LR is equipped with a DSP noise suppression system and AGC, guaranteeing superb audio quality by eliminating background noise and automatically adjusting volume levels. Whether you’re enjoying thrilling rides through winding roads or embarking on epic journeys with your fellow bikers, this headset keeps you connected and engaged throughout.

With a range of 1.6 km*, you can stay in touch with your riding companions even when they’re out of sight. Share music and GPS directions effortlessly, and take advantage of the FM radio with RDS and 6 storable stations for added entertainment on the road. The intercom also features 2 Universal Intercom connections for seamless pairing with intercoms from other brands, offering unmatched compatibility.

Update and customize your BTX2 Pro S LR using the BTUPdater software on your PC or the BT Pro SetApp on your smartphone. From firmware updates to personalized settings, you have full control over your intercom’s functionality.

Embark on thrilling adventures while staying connected and enjoying the freedom of the open road. Choose the Midland BTX2 Pro S LR Intercom and elevate your motorcycle journeys to new heights.





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