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Helmet Sizing

Choosing the correct helmet size​

Measure the circumference of your head 1cm above your ears with a soft tape measure. Tape measure should provide a snug fit. Measure a second time for consistency.
Size Head Circumference (CM)
XXS 51/52
XS 53/54
S 55/56
M 57/58
L 59/60
XL 61/62
2XL 63/64
3XL 65/66

This unique product finally answers the question: how to leave your helmet with your bike without it getting wet, damaged or stolen?

With the Oxford Lid Locker the helmet remains completely protected from the elements at all times. The lock (not provided) is threaded down a waterproof tube which runs through the visor aperture and out of the bottom of the helmet so that you can lock it to the bike. The easiest lock to use is an armoured cable lock (such as an Oxford Revolver), but you could equally use a chain lock or a regular cable lock.

Key Features
• Secure way to leave your helmet with your bike
• Lockable bag keeps helmet protected from the weather
• Suitable for chains and cable locks up to 40mm diameter
• Compatible with most chains and cable locks
• Handy “hook & loop” hanging strap to keep your helmet off the wet ground

Compatible Oxford Locks
• Combi Chain 10
• Tripwire
• Loop Lock
• Revolver
• Barrier
• LockMate





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