Enduristan Buckle Kit


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Enduristan Family Buckles

These are the toughest buckles available on the market. How do we know? We tested them. We pulled hundreds of buckles to pieces – under any condition you may experience during your travels: Hot, cold, soaked with water and exposed to anything the elements could throw at you! We use the family buckles for all our products – giving you maximum combinability across the whole range.

  • 4 male adjustable buckles
  • 4 female adjustable buckles
  • Can be used to repair or modify the Enduristan range

As part of the Enduristan legacy, these buckles have been subjected to the most rigorous and destructive testing. The winner withstood -20°C and a scorching 50°C, held its own in a multitude of terrains and kept going well after the day ended. These buckles are standard on all Enduristan luggage, backed by over a thousand happy users, these buckles are often paired with other forms of luggage and work just as hard under those brands too.





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