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Safeguard your bike in style with the Oxford Cafe Exhaust Heat Shield. Made of stainless steel, it protects against hot exhaust while adding flair to your ride. Easy installation with adjustable clamps.

Key Features:


Introducing the Oxford Cafe Exhaust Heat Shield, the knight in shining stainless steel armor for your bike! Taming the fiery heat radiating from your exhaust system, this heat shield is here to save the day. Don’t let a rogue burn ruin your ride or cause a wardrobe malfunction – the Oxford Cafe Exhaust Heat Shield has got your back!

Engineered with protection in mind, this heat shield boasts an array of features to make your biking experience safer and more enjoyable. Its bespoke designs, available in Cafe, Street, Sport, and Scrambler options, allow you to express your personal style while adding a touch of rugged charm to your machine. Crafted from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, this shield is built to withstand the harshest riding conditions, ensuring it remains your loyal companion for countless adventures.

Fitting the Oxford Cafe Exhaust Heat Shield is a breeze, thanks to the included adjustable clamps. These clamps allow you to easily customize the shield’s position to fit exhaust pipe diameters ranging from 45 to 60cm. No need to worry about tedious installations or complicated instructions – within minutes, your bike will be equipped with a robust guardian, ready to deflect and dissipate the exhaust heat.

Size: 45-60cm





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