Lizard Knee Brace Compression Socks



Boot Sizing

Correct measurements for boot size

Place your heel against a wall and measure out to the end of your big toe. Measure both your feet and use the larger of the two. Add 20mm to your measurement. Alternatively, look on the inside of your shoe tongue for the EU size. This measurement gives you the correct toe clearance for safety and comfort. NB Enduro & MX Boots - we recommend 1 size up for optimum fit.
Inside Length EU US UK
233mm 38 4 3 / 3.5
240mm 39 5 4 / 4.5
247mm 40 6 5 / 5.5
253mm 41 7 6 / 6.5
260mm 42 8 7 / 7.5
267mm 43 9 8 / 8.5
273mm 44 10 9 / 9.5
280mm 45 11 10 / 10.5
287mm 46 12 11
293mm 47 13 12
300mm 48 14 13
307mm 49 15 14
313mm 50 16 15

Lizzard’s knee brace socks are the ultimate fusion of motocross gear and knee brace sleeves, tailored for the thrill of the ride. Crafted for wearing beneath your knee braces, these socks shield your legs from the rubs, scrapes, and discomfort knee braces can cause. Engineered with silicone-infused, non-slip cuffs, they stay put no matter how hard you ride. The robust 300 GSM Nylon Lycra panels on the upper part are built to endure, ensuring your legs remain cool and moisture-free. Stitched with precision for a snug fit, these socks boast reinforced sections at the ankle, heel, and instep, keeping you secure and comfortable on any terrain.


  • Breathable
  • Snug Fit
  • Elastine construction
  • Sweat resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Shock absorbent
  • Aids recovery by increasing blood circulation and oxygen to muscles
  • Soft cushioning absorbs shock and enhances comfort
  • High qualify fabrication that has durability even in heavy duty sports
  • Silicone printed non slip cuffs
  • Flatlock stitching for extra comfort bike
  • Grey and Black only





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