Caberg Duke II Smart

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Gear up with the Caberg Duke II, a helmet that takes your riding experience to new heights. Drawing on Caberg’s expertise as the first Italian company to produce flip-up helmets, the Duke II is packed with features that redefine convenience and safety. Its innovative chin guard opening system and dual homologation P/J certification allow you to ride with confidence, knowing that your safety is prioritized. The reduced dimensions of the helmet contribute to its lightweight design, ensuring a comfortable fit without compromising protection.

With the Double Visor Tech system, you can effortlessly adjust your visibility to match the ambient lighting. The inner sunshade visor, treated with an anti-scratch coating, shields your eyes from harsh glare, while the outer clear visor, featuring the Pinlock double lens, keeps your vision clear by preventing fogging. Stay cool and fresh on your rides with the Duke II’s efficient ventilation system, which channels air through strategically placed vents, enhancing airflow and ensuring optimal comfort.

The Duke II is not only about safety and performance but also about connectivity. With the option to install the Caberg PRO SPEAK EVO Bluetooth communication system, you can effortlessly connect to your phone, passenger, or GPS system. Enjoy high-quality stereo sound and stay in touch while immersing yourself in the thrill of the road.

XS 53/54
S 55/56
M 57/58
L 59/60
XL 61/62
1550 gr. +/- 50 gr.





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