True Quick Release Soft Luggage

Is this the Holy grail of soft luggage panniers everyone is looking for?

There is no doubt there has been a shift in preference among adventure/touring riders in favor of the lighter and less expensive soft luggage pannier options. It wasn’t that long ago when there were only a handful of adventure soft luggage options on the market.

Fast forward 5 years, and the choices are almost limitless, with solid offerings from both local and international manufacturers. Despite the vast range of soft luggage options, if you’re in the market for a quick-release soft pannier, the offerings narrow considerably.

Most motorcycle soft luggage options tick boxes for riders – they’re well-priced, durable, waterproof, crash-resistant, and offer universal fitting. However, they might fall a bit short when it comes to ease of use. Having experienced multiple soft luggage options, I can attest that all of them come with a learning curve, especially when it comes to securing them to the bike. The presence of inner bags can simplify things, allowing for easy removal which can be handy when on a trip.

Givi GRT709 - Quick Release soft luggage

Enter the world of Quick Release soft luggage, the best of both worlds. There are only a few brands daring to venture down this path, and even fewer are available locally. The Italian-designed Givi Soft Luggage GRT720 from their Canyon Luggage Series for adventure motorcycles probably tops the list in terms of simplicity. The Monokey backing plate paired with a 25-litre roll-top bag ensures you clip them onto the Monokey racks, lock, and head out without a hitch.

The bag boasts a water-resistant exterior, coupled with a waterproof inner bag, guaranteeing your gear remains shielded from the elements. With eight compression straps, the bag’s content stays firm and intact, preventing undue strain on stitches and clips. And for those seeking more space, Givi’s 15-litre universal crash bar bag GRT722 can be strapped on for added capacity.

Givi Canyon GRT709:

However, Givi doesn’t stop there. A standout in their lineup, the Canyon GRT709 offers adaptability beyond capacity. Each side of this best motorcycle soft luggage model provides a generous 35-liter storage, perfect for extended rides. Moving beyond the Monokey system, the GRT709 introduces a universal quick-release rack plate, ensuring versatility for riders frequently switching between bikes or using non-Givi racks. The MOLLE system on this model is worth noting, offering riders the freedom to customize storage with modular add-ons. Plus, the strategically designed external pockets ensure essential items are always within easy reach.

You can check out the GRT720 here in more detail – GRT709

Enduristan Monsoon Evos:

Shifting our focus to the Swiss precision of Enduristan, their Monsoon Evos stand out with a patented Quick Release system, ensuring effortless mounting and unmounting. The Lower Lock system guarantees that the bags fit snugly on most tubular pannier racks, a feature invaluable on rugged terrains. The array of adapters further accentuates the Monsoon Evos’ universal appeal. With a rugged design ethos, these bags are crafted from triple-layered vinyl, ensuring durability and protection against the elements. Furthermore, the seamless integration with Enduristan’s modular system allows riders to expand or modify storage based on their needs.

In conclusion, while all three options might be on the pricier side for soft luggage, they offer a clean, simple solution for those not keen on hard luggage. When considering the benefits and features, they still come out as more cost-effective than most hard luggage alternatives. If you’re in the market for hard shell vs. soft shell luggage for your motorcycle, these offerings are hard to overlook.

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